December 7, 2019

Rules and Regulations

Mount Auburn Cemetery is governed by a set of Rules and Regulations.  In no way are these meant to cause hardship to any individual or family.  The purpose is to provide uniformity and ensure the beauty of the cemetery.   They protect the rights of all from any inconsiderate actions of others.  Rules and Regulations are important for the grounds workers so they are not impeded in providing the very best care of the cemetery.

Our rules and regulations address safety concerns, excessive decorations, plantings that infringe on neighboring graves, and added costs to maintenance of the cemetery.  Visitors and workers have been severely injured in other cemeteries by flying items and shepherd hooks during maintenance.  We have been fortunate so far but are following the lead of many cemeteries which have become proactive in addressing these concerns.

Each section of the cemetery has its own regulations in addition to the general ones.  Contact us at 815-943-4640 for a copy of the rules, or with any questions regarding any issue.  No question is too insignificant.  Understanding between us is the most important consideration.


Mount Auburn Cemetery is open from 8 AM to dusk 365 days a year.

No planting of perennial plants and flowers, shrubs, bushes or trees is allowed.

Annual flowers must be planted behind and within 12 inches of any headstone.  Annuals are only allowed in front of large monuments and within 12 inches.

If any plant situated on any lot is not maintained or becomes detrimental to the lot, to the adjacent lots, or to the general appearance of the grounds, the Board reserves the right to remove or mow said plant or parts thereof as necessary.

No lot or grave shall be defined by fence, railing, doping, hedge, shrubbery, corner post, or an enclosure of any description.  No rocks or mulch of any kind are permitted.

Wire screens, arbors, or trellises are not permitted.

Boxes, shells, images, glass jars, candles, knick-knacks, toys or other similar items are not permitted.

Urns and benches are not permitted.

Any item, especially shepherd hooks and solar lights, that interferes with safety and maintenance is NOT allowed.

One decoration per grave is permitted.  Decorations will be removed if there are several placed on a grave at one time.  Quality, not quantity, makes beauty.  If several people wish to place decorations, please arrange a schedule among yourselves so that only one decoration is placed at a time.   On monument lots, a single decoration in front of the monument is preferable to placing one on each individual grave.

Dogs must be leashed and waste collected and removed from the cemetery.

No alcohol is allowed.

Cleanups are March 1 and October 1.  Remove items you wish to keep prior to cleanups.

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