July 21, 2019


Cremation Inurnment

Cremation Inurnment

Mount Auburn Cemetery offers a beautiful granite columbarium for cremation inurnment.  The columbarium has 48 separate niches.  Each niche is granite with a polished granite cover matching the outer granite facing.  Engraving is done on the outer face of columbarium.

The columbarium offers  inurnment for those who wish their remains to be interred above ground.  No urn is required in the columbarium as each niche is sealed, however, remains must be in some form of closed container.

Private Family columbariums and granite benches for the inurnment of cremation remains are allowed  upon approval of the cemetery board of directors.


Cremation Burial

Two cremation burials may be included per single lot for in ground inurnment.  Vaults or combination urn vaults are required.