December 7, 2019

May 2014

Mount Auburn Cemetery News

May 2014

The winter was rather brutal at Mount Auburn. The snow was so high that headstones were not visible and monuments were almost covered. Plowing the extensive drives was a challenge as the snow on each side rose higher and higher. It was very pretty though. There is nothing more beautiful than looking through the main entrance on a moonlit night when snow covers the ground. The dark oak trees contrast against the snow. Any photographers out there that could take a night picture of that beauty next year?

Finally the winter is gone. Trees are full of leaves. The maples display their spring colors which are soon to turn green. Flowers are planted throughout the cemetery.

We had a mystery on Mother’s Day. A wood duck was in the chapel! It was flying against the windows trying to get out. We left the double doors open and it eventually flew away. No one can figure out how it got in. The doors are locked and the chimney is small and covered on the roof.

We are hoping to restore the inside of the chapel. The outside has a new roof. The inside is completed gutted and waiting for funding to restore it. We have benefactors that have been contributing to a restoration fund. We have a long way to go. If you would like to contribute please send your tax deductible donation to the address on the contact page. The chapel can be viewed by the public by appointment. We don’t want to leave the doors standing open with no one present. Who knows what critter might walk or fly in!

We thank everyone for their patience with our water system. We have had major breaks in the main lines due to the deep frost this year. These large breaks have never happened before. As one is fixed another shows itself. The extensive system, which runs throughout the cemetery, is drained each year but is gravity fed and some water remains. We are trying to keep water in the tower by the garage. You can fill containers with the hose there.

If you have any questions regarding the cemetery please e-mail them to All genealogy requests must be submitted to the e-mail address also.

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